Bruno FABBRIS is a French photographer.  He was born in the Champagne region of France but later moved to Paris where he studied drawing and painting by taking art classes in several art ateliers in the city. After more than five years of awakening and studying different forms of expression under the influence of great impressionist and light painters, he discovered the work of photographers such as: Guy Bourdin, Jeanloup Sieff, Herb Ritts, Newton, Avedon, Paulo Roversi and many more…, all artists recognized as such and whose iconic works  helped to establish photography among fine arts. 
Naturally, he developed    a growing taste and interest for black and white photography phy. First, he photographed his own environment, before expanding his repertoire to young actors and finally to his first mannequins. Self -taught, he mastered outdoors shooting and also studio techniques.  His high level of exigency and his constant need for coherence in his work lead him to learn darkroom techniques    making his own prints and spending long nights in his lab. Soon, the editorial and commercial works assignments, lead him not only to approach color but also to adopt a new perspective and focus on new subjects. 
From now on, color, in a unique and distinctive style can be seen throughout his body of work and becomes part of his artistic approach, using a range of black, gray and brown, almost in monochrome. 
Later, he will switch to digital but will still personally retouch his work, maintaining his desire to control the purpose and the quality of his pictures. He only seeks to correct the aberrations of the shot while respecting the integrity of the image, the naturalness of the skin and the light. For him, the possibilities offered by editing software should never be a substitute for his previous studio work.
Regularly, on the sidelines of his assignments, he realizes series of limited edition fifteen images, that he calls “collections”. With his collaborator Nathalie RUTILI, a stylist with a haute couture fashion shows background, they define and select one of a kind fabrics and materials to dress silhouettes with ethnic personalities. 
Besides these stylized series, he also works on his favorite subject to photograph: skin…the lines and volumes of the body when it becomes almost abstract, the beauty of black skins and their incredible ability to capture light, their natural glow in opposition to the matness of white skins or together in contrasting complementarity, the details of a hand, an eye, a mouth or a shoulder…
Passionate about the light, the emotion of the instant captured that the retina and the memory struggle to catch and print, he is fascinated by the unpredictability of the image. For him, the strength and the purpose of a photograph is its ability to capture a fleeting moment that is gone forever. The movement of a body, the shadow of a cloud on the landscape, the brightness in the eyes, the movement of a garment, a bird flying by…are all unique moments to be captured. 
This is in this state of mind that he realizes his collections, starting with “CORPS VOILÉS DÉVOILÉS”, revealing the elegant grace of white and ebony bodies wrapped in light and raw natural canvases. 
Comes after it “VAPORESCENTES”, young girls covered in pale smoke and evolving in loads of powdered tulles and gauze. 
Then “AQUARESCENTES”, nymphs between waters wrapped in flowing silk. A kind of aquatic draped allegory trying to breathe. 
Follows “DE MARBRE ET D’ÉBÈNE”, series of bodies enlaced or alone, of marble or ebony, in contrast or in abstraction. 
Today with “KRAFT”, he presents a new collection, made out of salvaged paper compositions from a famous Parisian creaser, used as a matrix in the manufacture of pleated fabrics. The bodies are dressed in Kraft paper, silk paper and cardboard thus inspiring paintings of an almost couture elegance. Ethnic women appear in a misty vision in earthy and sand colors, all on a binder structure enveloping the bodies and serving as an attachment to paper creases. Looking at the collection, one’s imagination is carried away from Asia to Africa via central Europe as you follow the light passing through a thin layer of fog.

In a few dates :

            2003 - Exhibition in the artiste Gallery in Paris with the série : '' VÉGÉTALES ''.
            2003 - Exhibition in the artiste Gallery in Paris with the série : '' CORPS VOILÉS DÉVOILÉS ''.
            2005 - Exhibition in the ''CABARET'' in Paris with the série : '' POUPÉES SANS DESSUS DESSOUS ''.
            2006 - Exhibition in the salon of Galeries Lafayette in Berlin withe the série '' VÉGÉTALES ''.
            2008 - Exhibition in CHROMA Gallery of Munich with the série '' PEAUX DE FLEURS ''.
            2009 - Exhibition in Fashion shop of Paris '' L'ÉCLAIREUR '' with the série '' VÉGÉTALES ''.
            2009 - Sale photo '' CORPS DOUBLES '' in a sale of photographs in DROUOT Paris by KAPANDJI MORHANGE.
            2009 - Sale photo '' POUPÉES SANS DESSUS DESSOUS '' in a sale of photographs in DROUOT Paris by GROS & DELETTREZ.  
            2010 - Sale photo '' CORPS VOILÉS DÉVOILÉS '' in a sale of photographs in DROUOT Paris by KAPANDJI MORHANGE.
            2010 - Sale photo '' VAPORESCENTES '' in a sale of photographs in DROUOT Paris by KAPANDJI MORHANGE.
            2011 - Exhibition in the artist Gallery in Paris with the série '' VAPORESCENTES ''.
            2012 - Exhibition in the Gallery in Marseille with the série '' VAPORESCENTES ''.                                                                                                                                               
            2013 - Exhibition in the artist Gallery in Paris with the série '' À FLEUR DE PEAU ''      
            2015 - Sale photo '' À FLEUR DE PEAU '' in a sale of photographs in DROUOT Paris by CORNETTE DE SAINT CYRE.
            2015 - Exhibition in the artist Gallery in Paris with the série '' AQUARESCENTES ''.                                                                                                             
            2015 - Exhibition for PHOTOFEVER in Paris with the série ''AQUARESCENTES '' and '' À FLEUR DE PEAU ''.
            2015 - Photographie festival in ROQUEBRUNE with ''AQUARESCENTES '' and '' VAPORESCENTES ''.
            2016 - Exhibition in Musée of MILLAU with the UNESCO patronage with a triptych '' LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE ''.
            2017 - Exhibition for ART SHOPPING in carousel du LOUVRE in Paris with ''VAPORESCENTES ''.
            2018 - Exhibition for PHOTOFEVER in Paris with the série '' KRAFT ''.
            2019 - Publication and interview in the OPENEYE Magazine.
            2019 - Exhibition in HARCOURT Gallery in Paris with the NORMAL Magazine.
            2019 - Exhibition in ART BASEL MIAMI with ELKA BRONNER Gallery in CONTEXT.
            2020 - Exhibition in PALM BEACH on the international Fair by ART MIAMI.
            2020 - Exhibition in the Art RUSSECK Gallery in PALM BEACH.
            2020 - Exhibition in ELKA BRONNER Gallery  in Saint Jean de LUZ.
            2021 - Exhibition in collective exhibition '' L'AMOUR FOU '' in Musée des beaux arts de QUIMPER.
            2021 - Exhibition in the MX Gallery in MONTRÉAL.
            2021 - Permanent exhibition in the ELKA BRONNER Gallery.
            2021 - Exhibition in ART BASEL MIAMI with the ELKA BRONNER Gallery  in CONTEXT.

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